Design by doing.


We deliver category defining products and experiences...

For over a decade Curventa has been helping clients deliver products that have impact. Our designs challenge markets, users and perceptions. We don’t settle for normal.  

A unique design approach together with an inherent curiosity and ‘can do’ attitude enables us to create products that step outside of the norm. Our skilled design and engineering teams look at brand and product experiences from new angles, defining ideas that can reshape market sectors. From market leading brands to start-ups, we work with clients from initial insights all the way through to manufacture.

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That changes the landscape of business.

We work with our clients to create category defining brand and product experiences that open up new opportunities for their business. Some of which have been internationally recognised, and we’re proud to share these awards with our clients.   

An insight driven design approach gives us the freedom to explore and delve into new areas. This enables us to create truly innovative solutions for our clients that will not only impact the market but stand the test of time. From perfume bottles to snowboard helmets, the products we’ve designed are still being sold 10 years on, some even gaining cult status.  

Our clients range from established brands to start-ups, many of whom have worked with us repeatedly. With an intimate knowledge of what it is to be a start-up, having been one ourselves, we can offer expert guidance whatever stage our clients are at.

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Here's how.

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Business strategy, Product strategy, Market analysis, Consumer insight, User centered programmes, Material research, feasibility studies, User mapping, Ethnography, Ergonomics, CMF, Focus groups   

We assume nothing; just because something has been a certain way doesn't mean it's correct. Instead, our projects start with questioning. We watch how consumers behave to understand what it is they actually want. The outcomes are small insights that build into a larger product narrative. This forms the spine of our product and brand strategies.

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Brainstorm, Idea generation, Concept generation, Concept validation, Sketch exploration, Brand and narrative exploration, Form studies, Visual language, Product stories, Brand development, User stories   

Having gathered user insights, we then explore as wide as possible when developing ideas, often looking into other sectors for inspiration. Our ideation technique can provide hundreds of ideas within an hour. This offers a fast and efficient way to find solutions to complex problems. We use sketching and quick foam models to develop and validate our ideas.

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Hand modelling, 3D Cad, Visualisation, Form exploration, Narrative exploration

We firmly believe that a hands-on approach of sketching and hand modelling provides our designers with the freedom to explore form and design language. We develop a suite of concepts that we then show to the client, however we only present concepts that we know we can deliver. This is very important as it helps speed up progress.  

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3D CAD, Supplier Sourcing, Visualisation, Cost analysis, Design for manufacture, Prototyping, 3D printing, User groups, Validation, EVT (Engineering validation test), DVT (Design Validation test)     

We develop products from sketching all the way through to manufacturing data. This design for manufacture approach ensures that the design intent and integrity of the product remains intact throughout the development process, as well as guaranteeing that the product will be delivered on budget. We prototype and test extensively in-house and with user groups to validate both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the design.

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Supplier management, Certification, Quality control, Engineering validation, Design validation, Production validation, Supply

Having taken our clients through the design process we can then help them navigate long term manufacture. Over the years we have built up great relationships with suppliers and manufacturing partners. We liaise with them on a regular basis to ensure products are delivered to a high quality, on time and on budget.