Renew - Bomb proof recycling pod
Ever since the IRA bombing campaign in London there have never been any trash bins in the City of London. The reason is that a bomb in a classic cast metal bin is a better bomb, due to fragmentation. The Renew Pod is a bomb proof recycling pod, with integrated advertising delivering safety and content to the City of London.
Keep spreading the news
With 400 sites in prime locations the business model became advertising driven, and so the pod developed 2 large monitors on either end that provide real-time streaming news information, advertising, and in the event of a terrorist attack can also be controlled by the local law enforcement to inform the population in that vicinity, especially during a cellular lockdown.
The Renew pod contains specialĀ blast mitigation materials that can withstand a shock blast and prevent any radial fragmentation which is the cause of the most serious injuries.
Recycle & protect
The central steel box houses the recycling unit which can be locked down in the case of emergencies or potential terrorist incidences.
Engineered to save lives
Curventa reengineered the pod from the ground up, reducing parts (50%), assembly and manufacturing costs (73% reduction), and employing a submarine engineer to help develop the structure whilst sourcing special suppliersĀ to help develop the mechanical design through to manufacture whilst managing all the logistics.
The Renew scheme secured a 20 year license for 400 locations throughout the City of London, and now Manhattan, Singapore & Tokyo. Where once a bin was seen as a danger, now that danger has been removed.

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Barcelona Dect Telephone. Most technology we own has little empathy for the environment that it lives in. This is very true for home telephones, and so Curventa started an internal work program to see what would happen if we took an existing Dect handset and created a product inspired by fashion, architecture and furniture. Barcelona is the result !
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1000mph land speed record car
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